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Re: elevated PSA after Prostectomy

Kevin, you can read my story under Allen Z if you'd like. What is not in there is "recent" information about the additional success data related to combining Hormone Therapy with radiation. I was not informed about the possibility at the time of my radiation back in 2005; but the medical community might not have studies on that at that time. I later went to a urologist and I got the expected answer. i.e., it is too late to add hormone in combination with the radiation since the radiation had already occurred. I had radiation after the surgery failed to get it all and my PSA was 1.15; within the "range" of trying for a cure or great reduction. I have read that some doctors only give the hormone for 3-4 months prior to radiation and maybe the same amount of time post-radiation. You are still at a low nadir and might consider some waiting/watching period of time--it's a decision you must make and move on I think. The data does suggest a better outcome adding the hormone with the radiation and could be curative or at least delay any progression for a longer time than radiation alone. I do not know what I would have done if offered back then, but have been reluctant to start hormone over the years-but will likely start when PSA rises to 4 (or maybe even higher). Sorry for the long response and wish you the best in your decision making process.

Allen Z

Re: elevated PSA after Prostectomy

Thank-you Allen Z for that valuable info,our experiences seem similar,my PSA moved up from .25 and is now .32 today,and it's only 5 months since my Prostectomy Surgery,still waiting on a Pet-Scan and hoping that shows it's contained to the Prostrate Bed and not spread any further.That Hormone Therapy scares the daylights outta me.Thanks for taking the time to reply.means A LOT

Re: elevated PSA after Prostectomy

Where do you sit at this point in time with the treatment?
Have you done Radiation and Hormonal? I am with you on the side effects of the Hormonal, not that the Radiation Thropy makes me happy either.
Is your PSA still .32 as of 10/14/19 or what was your progression and treatment?
I'm facing similar decisions after 7 years and the roller coaster is a bummer.