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11 years of treatments, some relevations

A biopsy to my spine because of hip & leg pain resulted in my diagnosis of Prostrate cancer w/ PSA 134 and Gleason 7. Practiced intermittent Hormone treatment with Lupron that kept the spread to a minimum over a period of 4 years with two vacations. When that no longer was advisable, more conventional treatments included radiation to my spine, Lupron, Zometa monthly, Casodex, chemo, Prednisone, Zytiga and finally Xtandi.

When all of the above began to fail with rising PSA, I was preparing to qualify for a treatment of Radio isotopes thru injections and needed multiple scans and tests to establish baselines on various areas when Lung cancer was discovered. I decided not to treat the Lung cancer and I stopped all other meds except Lupron and Zometa.

It has been 6 months without med and I am amazed to tell you that my appetite has returned (I've gained 8 lbs. the first gain in several years), regained my balance, no more falls, dark depression gone, motivation to get up and move has amazed me.

It really boiled down to quality of life, I had none on meds and was prolonging my life for what? Well the end may come more quickly but at least the quality of my day to day living is the best it has been in many years.

Re: 11 years of treatments, some relevations

Dear Fellow PCa Warrior:
You have seen plenty of action and fought the good battle. Here's wishing you the best as you reconnoiter.
An honorable discharge is yours for the taking if you decide not to reenter the fray.
Best wishes Don O.

Re: 11 years of treatments, some relevations


Wishing you the best, enjoy your time no matter how long it is.