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PSA Doubling Time

09/28/16 Prostate surgery
02/05/18 Done with 7 weeks Radiation
08/03/18 PSA: 0.16
11/09/18 PSA: 0.41
03/12/19 PSA: 1.52
05/10/19 PSA: 3.09

I currently have a 2.2 month PSA doubling time. All that I have read suggests a doubling time of less than one year represents an aggressive recurrence. Does anyone have any experience with this type of recurrence or offer any helpful suggestions. You can see my full post under PJGudel on the YANA site.

Re: PSA Doubling Time

You seem to fully understand the likely implications of such a rapidly rising PSA. I assume the 2/18 radiation targeted your prostate bed.
The first order of business in my layman's judgement would be to explore the location of any recurrence(s) that may exist. There are a great many body scans available these days to accomplish this task.
I suspect you are headed for some form of hormone therapy. There are medical oncologists who specialize in this form of treatment. You would do well to seek a consultation with such a specialist if you can locate one in your area.
I have been struggling with a recurrence for several years and have documented my experience in an online journal. You may gather an idea or two by accessing: If you decide to have a look, I suggest you begin with the entry titled "To My Family, Friends and Cyberspace Buddies."

Best wishes Don O.

Re: PSA Doubling Time

What Don says is sage advise. I too currently have a doubling time of less than 3 months. I agree that a full body scan is in order to determine if any Mets are present. I had an Auxmin PET scan about a year ago which didn't show any Mets and plan another in July when I estimate my PSA will have gone from 5.2 in April to over 10 in three months. If so, I'll be back on Lupron for a while. I don't know if you have been on "hormone" therapy before (I couldn't find a PJGudel story on this site), but it's not the worst thing in the world. You just need to be monitor you diet and get plenty of exercise. I'm still castration sensitive, so I don't know what the future will hold when I am no longer. Hopefully they will improve immunotherapy by then.

Re: PSA Doubling Time

Thanks for your storys, it is nice to know there is hope for reoccurring prostate cancer. I was starting to panic when my doubling time was 2.2 months. Deep breath, I will get through this. If you want to read my story, in the keyword box in Yana type 58.95, and I will come up, Peter G. I am a little long winded. Again, thanks for your support.