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Newbie Seeking Feedback

Hello, I am at the infant stage and I could use some information. I am 48 yrs old and my PSA is at 4.5. my urologist performed the same DRE, blood and urine test as my primary care Doctor already did. No additional tests and he is recommending a biopsy. Is this common practice? Can a 4k score test,PCA3 urine or MRI be done to know more before a biopsy? Or does this guy have X ray vision. Any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,


Re: Newbie Seeking Feedback

Hello Tom,

Thank you for posting your message on our forum. It may be premature to immediately get a biopsy with a PSA of 4.5, which is just barely over the threshold for taking any precautionary action. Although PSA rises as we age, you have the benefit of a relatively young age, so you certainly have some time to investigate and research you options.

Do you have any historical information about the rate at which your PSA has been rising? Getting another PSA test in 3-6 months would give you a much better indication of how your PSA is increasing, but be sure to use the same lab so the results are comparable. Once you have some history, you and your doctor can make some more intelligent and informed decisions about how to proceed.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to assist you. There are literally hundreds of men on this forum who have been in your shoes.


Re: Newbie Seeking Feedback

Hi Mark, thank you for advising me and for being so prompt. This is the first time my psa level was ever noticed and the DRE(finger test) indicated a slight enlargement. I am concerned that a urologist would do a blind biopsy without addition tests or MRI to try and target an abnormality. Thank you for your reply. I will utilize the time that I have to monitor my psa before proceeding as you suggested. I hope you are feeling well by the way. Thanks...



Re: Newbie Seeking Feedback

I would have another PSA done in about four to six weeks. If it is on the rise, get the biopsy.
That is about what happened to me years ago. The second PSA was also on the rise so I got the biopsy. A twelve needle biopsy, and ended up with two of the needles showing positive. I went on to have the prostate removed. Had the second PSA not shown an increase I may have waited longer. Hope this helps.

Re: Newbie Seeking Feedback

I'm surprised the doctor recommended a biopsy without knowing what your PREVIOUS PSA was? Usually, the trigger for a biopsy is either a dramatic increase from one PSA to the next, or a continually rising PSA over a period of time. I too would recommend waiting a few weeks or months and get another PSA. Being that prostate cancer is so slow growing, you have time to get more data. Also, don't be too anxious about it. Prostate cancer is quite treatable. Good luck!

Re: Newbie Seeking Feedback


I was recently diagnosed with low grade cancer. Would be interested in keeping in touch as we proceed through this minefield. I am currently seeking proton therapy and hope to have something solid scheduled in the next two to three weeks.

Gleason 6, biopsy 4/12 positive, Psa 3.07, T1c

Re: Newbie Seeking Feedback

Hello again fellas. I got side tracked for a while. I had an MRI which showed a legion then followed up with a biopsy. Gleason 7(3+4) grade group 2b. Met with radiologist who recommended surgery. My urologist is a surgeon at MSKCC NYC. Seems they both only deem radiation or surgery the best choices for my localized PC.
Best of health to all and I will do a better job following up from now on. Strange thing, after the biopsy my urine stream is better and I just feel better all together.Thanks.
Best regards,
Tom S

Re: Newbie Seeking Feedback

Hi, Tom. I had the same gleason score and was also T11B 13 years ago. My Doc said that radiation might work, but I'd need to get rechecked for the rest of my life. If it didn't, the prostate has been turned into goo and therefore is difficult to remove surgically. If the surgery works, you're cured. If it doesn't, radiation remains a fallback option. My cancer was confined to the capsule, so I had an easy choice. I chose surgery. June 29th will be my 13th anniversary. My whole story is on this website, but I'll repeat the advice that I give. 1) Get info 2) get a second opinion 3) ACT before it spreads. Best wishes.