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PSA post HDR

Hello there. Just after a little bit of reassurance and any experience from anyone else in this situation.

My husband had HDR brachytherapy/ 6 weeks external RT in August 2015 and three years of a Zoladex implant which finished early last year. His lowest PSA was 0.17 but since coming off the hormones has risen very slowly to 0.2, 0.6, 0.72 every six months. Every time he is due a PSA, I’m feeling sick inside in case it’s a relapse. His surgery seem perfectly happy with the results and his consultant said not to panic as in the future as it was quite possible the PSA might end up at 3.0 or 4.0 once the prostate “woke up” and started producing again.

I know I should be content with what we’ve been told but I made the mistake of googling for assurance and have ended even more worried!

He was 67 YO at diagnosis, Gleason 9, PSA 45, T3c.

Many thanks.

Re: PSA post HDR

Jaggers, are you perhaps a Dickens fan? My diagnosis age 64 back in 2007 was similar and my nadir 0.3. Far too soon to worry. You may find a readier source of advice on the Prostate Cancer UK site, where the forum is rather more active than this one. There I am Auld Codger but here I
Old Codger.

OC in England