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PSA results

Hi, I’ve never had any of the symptoms. December 2017 PSA was 2.1. December 2018 on my yearly check up it went up to 3.2. I decided to go and see an urologist and got checked 30 days later.He did the DRE test and all was normal, he ordered some blood work which I did 24 hours later. PSA jumped to 3.9 from 3.2 in 1 month, also my FREE PSA IS 13%. He ordered a biopsy, but I have not been able to confirm with him if I should do the blood test again since I did it right after he DRE, and I’m not sure this was he plan. I’m scared for sure since Ineork out and diet and have a healthy life style. Any advice would be appreciated

Re: PSA results

Julio; Prepare yourself but don't panic. The biopsy will determine your next reaction. Do some research after you know more of the specifics of your situation. Read through this site as it is a good sampling of real world results from all the variations of both the disease and the treatments. Do some self analyzing to determine your expectations and preferences. Make contact with someone whose experience looks like it might be of some help in your decision process. Anyone on this site will help however they can. That is why most of us have our e-mail addresses included. Best wishes and hope this is a false alarm for you. Jon R.

Re: PSA results

Julio, do NOT have a PSA test immediately after a DRE or any other stimulation of your prostate, e.g., cycling. It may elevate your "normal" reading. Leave it a day, I suggest.

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