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PSA score

Hi again, I just found out ultra sensitive PSA score of <0.006. This is post prostatectomy and radiation therapy completed in Sep 2018.
I will see the radiation oncologist in a couple of days and am wondering if anybody has ideas for questions or comments with this result.
I would like to see a ZERO result but I don't know if that is possible. My rectal pain from the radiation has improved and overall health is excellent.

Thank You

Re: PSA score

Even with the Ultra-Sensitive PSA test, there is a lower-limit for the accuracy of the results. In addition, there are other sources (such as the Cowper's Gland) that produce trace amounts of PSA. So it is unlikely that you will ever see a result of zero.


Re: PSA score

HMC, .006 is as close to zero as it can be! Most of us would give our right --- , well maybe not that, to have that low of a score! Relax! As Mark says, there are several other places in the body that give off small amounts of PSA so with a test that specific, you are always gong to have a result of some sort. It is said that even women have a small amounts of PSA if tested so I think you would be justified in calling your results a zero. I am surprised to hear it as low as it is so be happy for now anyway with that result!! Jon.