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The unappreciated prostate

Just a thought here that I thought I would pass on. Hope it is not seen as inappropriate for the forum.

Many men go through their entire life not knowing or appreciating what a prostate is or what it does for them. Those are the lucky ones. The unlucky ones learn all about it and what it did for them. They are the ones that have trouble with it at some point. Worst case is that it is cancerous and needs to be removed or destroyed to control the cancer spread. That is when they get a crash course in what it really means to them.

Think of the male sexual system as a company. There are many parts to a company, all contributing to make things go smoothly and efficiently. There is the administrative part of the company consisting of a sales force and office force and there is a work force behind the administration force that gets things done. The administrative and office force is what most people see and think of as the company. The work force is unseen but is responsible for making the products. They are generally unnoticed and taken for granted. Take away the workforce and all that is left of the company is "window dressing". The administrative part of the company is made impotent and it is now obvious how important the workforce was in keeping the company in business.

We men take pride in our external sexual organs but very seldom are aware of the internal "workforce" that makes the externals work. Many don't know how the internals all work together to allow the external organs to function. Our external organs are the administrative part of the system. The "workforce" that is behind the scenes and makes this external function possible is the unseen and unappreciated prostate and its accessories. Remove the prostate from the system and what we end up with is "window dressing" with no function. Suddenly the unappreciated prostate is a whole lot more important than was ever realized.

For those that are never forced into this realization, count your blessings. For those who have learned the hard way - well, apply the lesson to live life to its fullest and appreciate the unseen and unappreciated parts of the world. All these things have value. Jon.