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Dare I hope?

Having been through surgery and radiation for prostate cancer treatment, I am naturally nervous about physicals and the results of PSA testing. Just got back the results from a physical and got some pretty encouraging news all around. All blood work and parameters came out very good to normal AND PSA went DOWN from last year's result at this facility. Over the past few years the PSA has slowly risen from a low of .07 to a .13. This year it came in at .10. I am hoping this is a sign that it has settled down to a constant. Here is what I wonder if I dare hope is the case - My testosterone came back on the higher side of normal. With that and the lowered PSA result, do I dare hope that there is no cancer present to use this testosterone as fuel? Could it be a sign that I have been worried for no good reason? I know all too well that this is the real world and one has to be careful what hopes he allows himself to believe in but one can always hope can't he? Jon R.

Re: Dare I hope?

Your stats sound highly favorable. Most of us PCa warriors understand there are no guarantees, but to answer your question directly: "By all means you are well justified to "Dare to hope".
Congrats and best wishes Don O.