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Upcoming biopsy

This is a phenomenal site. Here is a summary of my issue:
1.November 2017-normal DRE and PSA .9 past DREs/PSAs all normal
2.May 2018-suffer through some type of urinary tract infection-see doctor does a DRE and senses enlarged prostate-Symptoms, frequent urination but no real flow-just dribs and drabs. Go to emergency-diagnosis urinary tract infection prescribes 7 days of two a day antibiotics
3. Go see my regular family doctor who suspects prostatitis-go back to family doctor after above antibiotics done-I am still not 100% so family doctor prescribes more antibiotics-one a day plus consult with urologist
4. Go see urologist before antibiotics are done, he does DRE and senses some abnormality and hardness. Says finish antibiotics, do another PSA and cat scan
5. Finish antibiotics-I feel great no symptoms and back to normal. Cat scan normal. PSA done 48 hours after finishing antibiotics and level is at 2.5
6. Worried that I did PSA to early and that infection is affecting my PSA level
7. Do another PSA a week later and it is at 1.5
8. Go see Urologist and he is pleased with all results. Does a DRE and still feels hardness but not as hard as before.
9. Now doing a cystoscopy and biopsy this week. I feel 100% except for the emotions. Worried. Should I be worried??
Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ABC123ABC.

Re: Upcoming biopsy

"ABC", No one likes to be concerned about such things but (easy for me to say from here of course) don't go borrowing trouble and certainly don't panic! Your PSA is low, below the 4.0 point where they get concerned and it has pretty much been confirmed you have just been through some sort of infection event. I am surprised you have been advised to have a biopsy though there was no time line mentioned in your account. I am guessing it is the hard spot is what has the urologist suspicious. It also may be part of the results from infection. A biopsy is not a serious procedure though certainly not pleasant and it IS an invasive procedure not to be taken lightly or done without good reason. I personally think I would hold off for another PSA test before allowing this invasive procedure. If it is a trace of cancer, the PSA should level off and not keep going down as it has been from what info you gave. Cancer doesn't just go away like an infection would. I am opposed to poking holes in a healthy prostate without a very good reason - just my layman's opinion however. Keep that in mind. In the mean time, educate yourself on this subject and IF you do end up having cancer now or later in life, you will be a step up from most of us when we were diagnosed. You are right, this site is a very good source of information and a blessing to all those in need of it. Jon R.

Re: Upcoming biopsy

Thanks for the reply. It is very much appreciated. Biopsy is this Wednesday along with the cystoscopy at the same time. I think the urologist is being very conservative. At this stage and with all this uncertainty, I am resigned to the fact (this is my make up) I would rather know than not know to avoid any uncertainty. Even if the urologist felt that my DRE was normal and not hard plus another PSA came out low, I probably would have gone through these procedures just to be sure. It is just who I am and my need to find out. I really really appreciate the reply. I have read so much which has proven very comforting and informative. Thanks again.

Re: Upcoming biopsy

Hello well I got my results from the cystoscopy and biopsy all results came back totally negative for any cancer and for all biopsy needle specimens. Urologist is still perplexed as his DRE prior to biopsy felt a hard nodule. He is still suspicious and says that biopsy are not always accurate as some needle spots may not hit the right spots. I don't mind the urologist being conservative. He did do a DRE today when he gave me the good news results and his assistant also did the DRE as well, it was not as tender or as hard as before but still not as normal as he would like. Is he being too too conservative?? Going back in 3 months for another DRE and PSA and then a possible MRI to see if they can zero in on his suspicions. Very happy with results but still not out of the woods from his standpoint so I will also continue to be vigilant and control my health and not let my guard down. Not as stressed as before biopsy but still a little stress. This forum is fantastic and appreciate all the stories and support. Any thoughts on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!! ABC123ABC.

Re: Upcoming biopsy

ABC; Glad to hear good news for you. I am not surprised at the news. I am glad you are giving things three months to neutralize and suspect you will also see good news then. Having just been through a biopsy, your gland will need some time to normalize, especially as it seems it has just been through an infection event also. Hopefully you can put this issue to bed as a false alarm and move on. Jon R.

Re: Upcoming biopsy

Thanks so much. I really do appreciate your feedback. Let me know if ever you need anything from me. Take care.