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Re: Post prostatectomy care issues the doctor didn't tell me about

Bill; Sounds like you ran the gambit of problems after your surgery! Too bad you didn't check with this site at the time as there are many here who could have helped with suggestions on a couple of the practical problems you encountered. Your experience isn't the best testimonial for the surgery you received. You evidently had some unresolved internal bleeding from the surgery as the bruising and purple color shows. This could be from someone being too aggressive when putting the catheter in. This "minor" procedure takes some amount of skill, understanding, and care. Sadly, not all caregivers have all those attributes and can cause serious damage in the process.

Also a note to anyone else going through this - loose fitting pants and suspenders (no belt) are very helpful during the first period of healing. Night bag in a bucket on the floor beside the bed. I don't recall any problems showering. I think I just wore the day bag in the shower. I have heard others being given a plug to cap the catheter during a shower so a bag is not involved during a shower

I was fortunate in that the urology system I had, provided aftercare advice from a triage nurse on the phone. It was a little embarrassing telling my concerns and issues to a female on the phone but she was very factual and knowledgeable and thus very helpful in easing one's mind and assuring one that all is normal even though not fun. I have found that doctors/surgeons are just mechanics and not in customer service. After the surgery, I never saw my doctor again till my first check-up - and you are right, they don't always cover things that you find important later on.
Hope things are going better for you by now Bill. Jon.