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Surviving prostate radiation

I elected to keep my prostate, and went for external radiation treatments. Things went well until my prostate swelled up to such a degree as to block the processes of urination and defecation. I was pooping peanut size turds and peeing slight dribbles. And that only with a huge amount of downward force, ie,grunting and groaning. After several days of this, I saw no end in sight and was frightened for a lack of regularity. And I was up all hours of the day and night trying to eliminate.
Not all fellas are going to have the same problem, but for those of you who do, here is one way to handle it successfully. The only way that I could get back on track with urination and defecation was with adult diapers, and laying on my bed to get the job done. The evacuation in this position requires little or no download pressure. I seriously don't know where I would have been without coming across this solution. So if you're in the throes of these same painful problems, give the horizontal method a try. Thanks for reading, and good luck to you.

In accordance with this site's policy, I'm posting my location as Arizona, USA. Thanks again, John.