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Update and Finasteride

3 month PSA at 2.5, where it was a year ago and on/off over time (see my story if interested). For me, I am now ready to proclaim that Finasteride does have efficatious qualities related to depressing or reprsessing cancer progression-at least in the medium range of Gleason-I am a 7. I have experimented with taking it several months in advance and obtained the 50% reduction in PSA as predicted. I went off of it and PSA rose to previous lowers or a bit lower and maybe a bit higher, hard to state exactly. However, the last couple of years I only took it 2-3 weeks prior to PSA test and the result was good--either slow rise, no rise, or even a decrease. The medical proponents of Proscar (i.e, generic for Finasteride) state that any reduction in PSA for recurrent cancer takes on average 3-4 months to reduce the PSA by the advertised 50%--in my case I do not think it takes that long to be effective at some level. Those who are engaged in the controversy around this drug efficaciousness should check out the pros/cons on the web and in particular a fairly recent quality article based on studies at I am thinking that the "masking" results are likely, but only if the cancer is too aggressive to overcome the beneficial effects of the drug. I see no downside to trying it in the right setting; I have no side effects from it at all.

Take Care All,

Allen Z