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Re: Manhood issues

Thanks very much colleagues
It is a terrible and frustrating disease that has befallen us. Your comments have been very educative and supportive.
From the look of things, it is better to let the sleeping dogs lie. My rising sexual feelings are nothing compared to the severity of the disease, and at my age, I think I am asking for too much. I am better of staying with a controlled PCa, than craving for sex.
You are right, in Africa we don't have a lot of exposure to sexual enhancing resources, compounding the problem. So the best way is to forget about it or be content with the little that I have at the moment.
It is very encouraging and comforting to hear from colleagues' advice.
Once again I thank you most sincerely for your comments and advice, and I wish you the best in your endeavors to keep your PCa in control. This is a wonderful forum for us, and I was terribly touched about a colleague whose PSA has risen to over 2,000 and almost given up the battle. That is sad, but what can we do when mother nature decides otherwise? We will keep him in our prayers and support him all the way.
God bless you

Re: Manhood issues

Putting it to rest may be the the right choice.
Inasmuch as you are technically capable, however, you may wish to explore the possibility of purchasing sex enhancing drugs via the internet. Here are two addresses for you to consider:
I have no idea how the Africa/Canada connection might work. I have no experience or connection with either company.
There may be better options available to you.
Best wishes Don O

Re: Manhood issues

Regardless of what the experts say your return to sex as in the your tounger years after prostate cancer treatment is gone. You may return to some sort , but it is not what it used to be. Be glad you don`t have further problems and enjoy your life even it is slightly differnt.

Re: Manhood issues

Thank you very much pals, in particular Don O and Bob. I was so touched by your comments which almost sent me to tears. I will cherish your advice and try by all means to maintain my PSA to low levels.
Actually, the only thing I have maintained in my lifestyle is exercising, which you guys advised me when I joined the forum. Of course incontinence has remained a nuisance, which I am managing by using pads during the day and diapers at night.
Have a blessed day

Re: Manhood issues

Dear colleagues,
I brought up this topic for discussion some time back and I accepted your advise on how to go about it.
Recently my urologist tested my testosterone level and it was 5.22 ng/mL, i.e., between 2.27 - 10.30 ng/mL for normal males. According to him, for a PCa patient, my level should be below the 2.27 minimum. So he has put me on Bicalutamide 100 mg and referred me to Oncologists to re-initiate ADT. Apparently my PSA was 0.40 in August.
I don't know what your views are on my latest developments

Re: Manhood issues

Based on my experience it is unlikely the Bicalutamide will affect your testosterone level, but it may beneficially affect the progression of your PSA.
It will be interesting to hear what your oncologist(s) decide.
Best wishes Don O.

Re: Manhood issues

Thanks very much Don for your inspiring comments.
But is my PSA level (0.4) alarming at the moment to warrant re-initiation of ADT? I would appreciate your fair comment again. I intend to see my oncologists about mid October, since they operate from the Cancer Diseases Hospital located about 400 km from my home town.

Re: Manhood issues

Not sure I can be of much help. In the U. S. generally speaking a PSA score below 4.0 would be non-worrisome, but this is a pre-cancer standard. Also the standard you cite for testosterone is quite different from the U. S. standard of 270 ng/dl to 679 ng/dl.
Something about you urologist's exam prompted him or her to put you on Bicalutamide and advised you to see your oncologists to re-initiate ADT. I am reluctant to question your urologist's judgement.
As much as I would like to help let's leave it to your oncologist(s) to provide you with a second opinion.
Keep us posted.
Best wishes Don O.

Re: Manhood issues

Thanks Don,
I will be seeing my oncologist between 1st and 15th October 2018, i.e., next month. I will update you after the review.
I think 5.22 ng/mml is equivalent to 522 ng/dl
My regards,