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Re: Should I Be Worried

Sincere thanks Jon, for your comments. I'm more concerned with the bouncing numbers, the urologist said previously, that three consecutive rises would mean to be more watchful, who wouldn't like numbers down below .75

In many respects, the fact that there is no one around me that you can talk to periodically, and who have similar issues, is unfortunate. The clinic won't divulge information of fellow patients, privacy being paramount, I understand that. Shame the clinic doesn't form a support group.

Re: Should I Be Worried

Vinny; Be aware that any of us with an e-mail listed along with our posts and stories are open to any one wanting to communicate. It may not resolve any issues or worries but it does help to just be able to express words to someone whom you know will care and understand.
I agree that there very few places with support groups for this cancer. None were available on my end either. Basically the clinics and doctors are just shops with "mechanics" and not qualified or eager to deal with such things. This is a subject not very conducive to normal conversation. No one really wants to know about the complications that treatment causes victims. They want to believe that prostate cancer is a minor cancer and not really worth notation. There is nothing that can be done about it and men are supposed to be able to overlook such feelings and not be affected by such personal feelings. "Man up" "get over it" the advice we get. Many times in our arena, it is not the disease that is such a problem but the results of treating it along with the uncertainty that comes after it. Jon.

Re: Should I Be Worried

Just re-reading above comments, whilst sitting and waiting to see my hematology specialist. Now that I know I have approx. 12% HCL (Hairy Cell Leukemia), and almono vitamin B-12 in my liver, thus causing or contributing to my platelets, red and white cells, being very low indeed. Does the lack of B-12 have any effect on ED?

I did my umpteenth blood test last Monday, will learn results in my current appointment.

Re: Should I Be Worried

Decent erections demand good blood flow and plenty of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 contributes to the development of red blood cells, so the fact that you have almost no (I think you meant) Vitamin B12 in your liver suggests a connection between the two! You may be offered a blood transfusion.

OC in England

Re: Should I Be Worried

Old Codger Thanks for your reply.

I'm guessing the lack of blood cells has affected the brain cells too! How I didn't put 2+2 together, I don't know. Pretty obvious now.

Anyway, all relevent RBC/WBC counts and platelets are down again over the previous month. The B-12 counts are up from 214 to 890, insufficient for the hematology specialist to be impressed, this appointment for a bone marrow test being set up in a couple of weeks. Not looking forward to that procedure.