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Radiation Therapy

I am going to start radiation therapy in a few days and would like to know if anyone has any ideas for an outcome. I had a prostatectomy Sep 2017 and

current ultra sensitive PSA is .051, I had two tumors with Gleason score's of 7 and 9. In addition, I had a positive margin. My recent PET scan was

negative and I am in great health. I understand no one can predict the result, however, I am still interested in any input on what I can possibly expect.

I want this to go away. Thanks

Re: Radiation Therapy

HMCG7, from the little information you give, I assume your oncologist suggests irradiating the prostate bed as he/she suspects some PCa has been left behind, presumably because the PSA level has been rising? I would point out that by conventional measures your PSA level is undetectable, <0.1, so panic is not called for! You do not say anything about the radiation level proposed or the number of treatments. With so little information, advice is hard to give.

OC in England

Re: Radiation Therapy

Following a diagnosis of Gleason 9 Pca I had a radical prostatectomy in July 2013 followed by 33 cycles of radiotherapy in July/August 2014. I wanted my Pca to be treated aggressively and although all treatments involve the risk of complications I do mot regret my treatment decisions. My story ( LN ) can be found on this site.

Re: Radiation Therapy

Thank You, there are some circumstances that are similar in our stories so it makes it very valuable to hear your situation. I will beat this.