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Silly question?

We are all aware that testosterone is fuel for prostate cancer and if all else fails, that is what is attacked next to try to control the disease. Testosterone, like so much else that we loose in trying to treat this disease, is very nice to have in our lives. My question is about exercise and hard work and how that effects testosterone levels. Testosterone gives us ambition and energy. Hard work and exercise makes us tired, so does that mean strenuous activity "burns" testosterone and uses it for more constructive purposes like making us stronger and healthier, thus leaving less of it for cancer to feed on? Thoughts and comments? Jon R.

Re: Silly question?

It may be a silly question for anyone who is being treated for PCa. Hormone therapy and other treatments are designed to cause testosterone to drop to castrate levels, i.e., practically zero. How could exercise, however strenuous, reverse this which it must do if it is to find some to burn. Sorry, but can't see anything but faulty logic here!

OC in England

Re: Silly question?

O. C. ; I think we are on a little different page from each other here. I wasn't thinking of anyone already on hormone therapy (of course no testosterone to work with there) but someone like myself, who may be looking at that as the next step, however not there yet and hoping not to have to be. Jon..