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Understanding Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) and Glucose BG and it,s role in prostate cancer Progression

First of all let me explain what my background is--i am a retired senior scientist (with a lot of time on my hands) spent most of my adult life researching possible cures for cancer and other cures of many other diseases around the world (let me say I have not found a cure for sure) i have however found and developed many products to suppress cancer such as hormone blockers (testosterone suppression ) to stop feeding --along with products to allow men with urination issues to urinate without Catheterization along with other types of products to suppress Malaria and to remove parasites from the blood stream.. enough said about me.. as for as your question concerning Alkaline Phosphatase --it is simply and enzyme in the blood stream that is a key number (concerning prostate cancer Metastasis in the bone structure)--I have never seen a case involving a man where the prostate cancer has moved into the bone structure that died from this and where the alk phos was never outside of the lab ranges--typically Alk phos has to reach very high numbers before a man will die from androgen independent cancerous cells ( i have seen it in the range of 300 up to 2000) remember we are not talking about PSA here.. we are talking about Alk Phos levels--Alk phos is a key number to watch once the cancer moves from androgen dependent (feeds off testosterone) to androgen independent (where it feeds off of the body) mainly the bone structure-Psa appears to be, for the most part irrelevant once the cancer becomes androgen independent and hormone blockers are no longer effective as a hormone blocker is designed to address androgen dependent cancerous cells only..As for as your question concerning glucose levels--glucose levels are very important once the cancer begins to move into the bone structure (simply put) cancer love sugar and will raise glucose levels.. as a rule there are 3 things to look at when things are looking really serious--# 1- very elevated Alk phos--# very elevated Glucose levels and last but not least #3- elevated PSA. and by this time there is always pain issues to deal (from the stage 4 cancer) when all 3 of the above takes place. hope this helps--Remember I am NOT a medical DR. this info above is strictly from observation (not treatment) thru so many yrs of seeing all stages of different cancers in my line of work . ----James