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Re: European company

Frank--ck out the man that founded this company --he has a pre-book release on there also.. very interesting for sure..James

Re: European company

Given your position, I can totally understand why you're willing to give unconventional treatments a shot. Of course, the weight of evidence will be against them, but for almost every so-called 'quack' remedy, there's always someone for whom it has worked.
So, please let us know how you get on with the protocol.

Best of luck,

Re: European company

just go to their website--

Re: European company

I have already ordered --what has anyone got to risk?? they have a money back guarantee (not a cure) but to lower your psa in 30 days--for the most part as most of you know when you lower psa levels this is a very good indicator that the cancer has stopped or beginning to stop growing -again i have done a lot of digging on these people and spoke with some men that has been using it for yrs..they also have medical staff there to help answer any questions you might have.. they appear without question to be right on..soon as i get the package (which they also mail) 6 days a week..i will let you know my outcome--these people did a major study back in 2006 of 151 men it is also on their site I also know of the DR. that over saw the study--he has a book out called "Surviving Prostate Cancer Without Surgery" he is from the US .. ..Let me know if i can help you further sir.. James

Re: European company

fake news

Re: European company

They are not Fake- i assure you--i have already ordered and started their protocol-will let you know the out come--James

Re: European company

As a senior scientist i want to explain why this product could work and work very well especially with advanced prostate cancer--when a prostate cancerous cell becomes totally androgen independent it does no longer have a Mitochondria therefore there is little to nothing that can have any effect on these type cells- these people are the only place i have found that says (and based on the clients i have spoken to) that have and are still using their products, i believe that in fact they do have such a formula.. as i have already said -i have ordered and just started taking their protocol-- as they say "the proof is in the pudding" will let everyone know the outcome.. James