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5yrs after radiation burn in bladder bleeding on and off

I have been told to have hyperbaric oxygen, 40 hrs over a about 20 weeksl Not to enthralled. Any other tretment out there, surgery, cautery, etc? I am dental surgeon so can keep up wit vocabulary for anything recommended.

Re: 5yrs after radiation burn in bladder bleeding on and off

Dr. Becker:
It may help generate a more substantive response if we knew how much and what type of radiation you received, how much bleeding you are experiencing, for how long now, who prescribed the hyperbaric oxygen and perhaps most importantly is there another practitioner in your area whose judgment you trust for a second opinion.
Best wishes Don O

Re: 5yrs after radiation burn in bladder bleeding on and off

Dr. Becker,

I in no way want to sound negative at all, just conveying some factual information that could or could not be useful to you. There is credible research data out there and states that bladder damage can occur up to 10 years after IMRT for prostate cancer. My brother experienced what you are experiencing at 8 years post radiation treatment and it turned out to be bladder cancer likely caused by the radiation treatment to the prostate area. The cancer was small, removed, and no recurrence after at least 9-10 years. Perhaps you have already had this possibility ruled out by your medical support and that would be great; I just could no tell what has occurred by the info in your post.

Take Care

Allen Z

Re: 5yrs after radiation burn in bladder bleeding on and off

Dr. Becker:

I contacted you on the outside chance that you were experiencing a fairly common problem following radiation called cystitis and/or neovascularization which resolve on their own. It sounds as if your bleeding goes well beyond this relatively simple explanation. I experienced the latter problem and it took a fair amount of time and research to determine the cause.

Here's hoping the second opinion you intend to pursue either supports the first or provides a solution you are more comfortable with.

Regards Don O.