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Re: PSA score 50 and above

Michael; Thanks for the post first of all as there has been no action on here for a long time and I was wondering if the forum was in working order. Sorry to hear of your entry into this "club". Sounds like you are in the very beginning initiation period. Since you are having scans already I am wondering if you have had a biopsy already also. You didn't mention that. That will help tell how serious the situation might be - or might not be. We all hope the cause for a high PSA is just an infection - which is always a possibility and a good place to start - so keep hoping for that easy way out. At any rate, keep on top of this till you get enough information to know what is going on. Ask direct questions and demand direct answers. Research it like it is serious and hope that it is not. Jon.

Re: PSA score 50 and above

Jon, I see that Michael has been posting on here for donkey's years, a!most as long as me! His very high PSA is therefore a bit of an issue after the treatments he's had. Not easy to advise without more information. How about it, Michael.

OC in England

Re: PSA score 50 and above

Michael; Oops! I am a victim of not paying attention to details and thus embarrassed! From your post, I gathered you were just entering this arena and responded under that thinking. Thanks O.C. for giving me the heads up correction. Michael, you are a veteran of this war for sure and so my posted reply was pretty irrelevant. Sorry about the oversight, my bad. I will try to be more careful in the future.
Different subject here: I have noticed the forum has been very slow to respond lately when trying to enter it - taking over a minute at times to come up. I am wondering if others are having this problem and that may be why the forum has been so inactive the last couple weeks. Anyone else noticing this? Jon.