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Re: Announcing the news to your friends

It is not a no brainer if you are still working as a consultant or even at a full time job, unless you have good job security. I know of one consultant who only told me that he had PC when he found out I had it and he did not want anyone else to know as he was certain it would effect his business and I am sure it would have. You might want to go to a support group meeting though, so you can unload some of your thoughts on a group of people with similar issues.

Re: Announcing the news to your friends

Thank you for your thoughts, Frank. I needed that sanity check. And thank you to those that emailed me directly. I'm going to hold it in confidence for this month at a minimum. I can see the end of the tunnel on my projects, the latest should finish this year.

I've never wished for NO work before. That is not a good business plan! :)

There's a support group I want to get into that won't be available to me until my insurance changes in January, so that's on my to-do list (thanks again, Frank...I needed that reminder).

Radiation starts today. Off we g(l)o(w).