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Thinking positively via humor

Sometimes using humor to dull the impact of unfortunate facts is our only choice. Being rendered 100% impotent from cancer treatment is one of those things. Here are a couple I have thought of so far;
No more embarrassing times when one has to remain sitting due to a poorly timed erection.
Able to visit a nudist beach and have no one know it is your first time unless they see your wondering eyes.
Being able to relieve one's bladder right away in the morning without having to wait for the blood to drain from a morning erection.
And finally, to that small group spending so much time and effort trying to restore their stolen foreskin, I regained mine almost overnight after the prostatectomy as my now impotent unit shrunk back into its own skin.
I have not found much humor in this last one to date. It is a subject that angers me somewhat as the medical industry refuses to even acknowledge it as a possibility and refuses to research it as a fact. Yet I know it to be a fact through my own experience and many others. It has all the earmarks of a conspiracy.
Trying to stay positive here as so many of you have managed to do, Jon.