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cancer thoughts

Our first snowstorm of the season today so thought I would put down some thoughts here if it is alright to just talk.

As we all know, any kind of cancer sucks! There is no easy type to get. All come with their own symptoms/non symptoms and the serious effects of treatments. I don't ever want to hear that one type is better to get than another from folks trying to make conversation. If you have any type, to you, that is the worst to have.

Understanding this was brought home to me just the other day on the computer when I happened onto a similar cancer site dealing with "penile cancer". Forum stories were very much like one reads on this site, just dealing with different circumstances of the "same thing" - just as devastating. The results of treatment were just as life changing as we see here on this site. The treatment for penile cancer is a penectomy - removal of the penis! I am sure this is every bit as devastating as the treatment results we have all had. It is what nightmares are made of. My heart aches for them also. We lost our internal workings, they lost their external workings - bad deal either way!
Knowing the results of having these cancers, how can anyone qualify them as being the best kind to get and the easiest to cure??!! They don't have a clue!
The devil must celebrate every time someone is diagnosed with any type of this disease. His mission is chaos and misery and this disease certainly is a means to that end! Hang in their guys, make the best of what we have. Jon.

Re: cancer thoughts

Hi Jon,
just a comment, I am a old warrior of PCa now 12+ years my long story is here on YANA. I have this to say, my wife of 49 yrs and who was super fit, you know the type you see them pounding the pavement, exercising, eating the right food always things of "what not to do" and "must do" health wise. She was a professional person with higher qualifications. Well she was diagnosed with breast caner, 2 operations and radiation, then a few months later diagnosed with lung cancer which moved on to her brain, (never had a cigarette in her mouth ever) so brain surgery and chemo with all up 76 hits of radiation for the 3 different cancer. She had 13 hits of radiation to the entire brain. She passed away not from cancers but from motor neuron disease (MND) all with in approx 8 months. From first diagnoses of breast cancer to passing was 6 years. She was 70 yrs. Friend, PCa is a pussy cat to real cancers. My brother passed away from PCa so I know a bit about cancer as I come from a health lab. So what sucks I ask the question? Cancer is cancer there is no good cancer hey!
JH in Aust