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Re: Getting RX precipitation's fo etc oxy

Thank you for your reply. You are right.

My first appt with the oncologist is Oct 31 and I'll just man-up till then. Everyone is unaware of what and for certain, where the PC is , just that I can't walk. I'll speak with the coming doc. The GP is referring me to a neorosurgeon for him to review my MRI et cera. It showed some discs that are mildly out of place or previously damaged so maybe it's them said the GP.

Re: Getting RX precipitation's fo etc oxy

Earl, Sounds like you might want to consider a second opinion as in change GP's! One with a little more compassion and care for the patient and less worried about his/her own rep. Just my opinion of course for what it is worth - if anything. Sounds like a back problem could possibly be the cause of your leg pain. Might be worth a trip to the chiropractor if you believe in them and can find a good and honest one. It is good to be cautious with pain meds for sure so your GP is not entirely wrong in hesitating to prescribe but seems a little aloof to your pain situation alright. Everyone is different in success with pain meds. Aleve works well for those times when old age gets to me. Tylenol does nothing for me. Having had back and leg pain experience and now also cancer, makes me sympathetic to your present situation. You sure don't need both things going on at once! Keep in mind that pain is the body's way of protecting us and telling us something needs attention and that covering it up with pain meds is not a cure, but just a crutch till the problem is healed. Best wishes for you in all! Jon.

Re: Getting RX precipitation's fo etc oxy

Thank you for your insight, Jon. It is greatly appreciated.

I can't believe the number of spelling errors I made! Maybe it was the pain or spell-check on my phone, but it sure was painful for me to re-read just now! :)

Yeah, I would love to change GP, but my damned insurance is so limited. It's kind of what we called "major medical" back in the day, and though there are many hospitals and clinics that are owned by the same company here (Providence Medical), the cheaper policy only allows me access to a few, and out of network is out of the question. At least I have met my out-of-pocket expenses now, so that pressure is off until Jan 1, 2018.

I got an informal 2nd opinion from the major cancer hospital here (out of network), speaking at length with a PA devoted to their large and aggressive cancer center, and at least she concurred with the treatments Providence is suggesting, and suggesting I stay the course with them.

As you said, though a bit cold about my pain, my GP is on point about pain meds, risks of addiction and diminishment of the oxy's effect over time. I bit the bullet, did a lot of research, documented all med intakes (I do this daily anyway) and doubled the amount of oxy for one day, and was surprised that it did nothing for my leg pain. I will just man-up and make it to Wednesday (2 days away), when I'll be seeing a neurosurgeon about the leg.

I swear, I am just falling apart. It seems like everything that was minor before (I've known I've had a bit of arthritis in the hip for years, now it's killing me) now exacerbates. Then on top of it I get new, annoying or concerning issues. My feet and calves are swollen (feet look like loaves of bread with toes).

To check if PC had spread into my colon I had a colonoscopy which showed no PC, but 11 precancerous polyps, which were removed, and otherwise unremarkable. However the gastroenterology doc suggested I see someone about "genetic counseling/testing", which I Googled but didn't find a good layman's explanation. I should probably start a new thread on that. Any input is welcomed.

You've all been kind and thoughtful and I appreciate the support and suggestions. I've only told people in my life on a need-to-know basis, as I still run a small business and don't want to give that up just yet, or become known as "the guy with cancer." I've seen too many business people branded and forced out of business. I'm just working part time and can grind it out from my home.

My best wishes to all.