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"magnetic therapy for everything"

Here guys is a subject for research and feed back. I just attended a free dinner seminar from a company selling magnetic therapy treatment for just about any ailment you could have, including CANCER. No claims of cure for anything were made but of course made it sound very convincing in treating everything from migraine headache, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and well - you name it. It supposedly does this by enabling the iron in the blood to more efficiently distribute oxygen throughout the body. It also is said to create an alkaline state that cancer does not like. Much time was spent quoting medical reports and reviews etc. If true and not snake oil, it sounds good. I am always skeptical of things that sound too good to be true and this certainly would qualify for that, but also try to keep an open mind about such things. Of course their products are very expensive. (HIGH PROFIT MARGINE) Their main course is a mattress pad laced with magnets at over two thousand dollars! Chair pads, pillows, and insole liners for shoes are also available. I know there are some good researchers out there and some common sense level headed, experienced, people in this group. Would like to hear feed back on this. Of course we would all like to have it "arrest" any left over cancer we may still have and if it truly did that, I would not mind spending that inflated price. Was also brought up that though a doctor may write a prescription for this, that NO insurance or VA will cover it! Jon.

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