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Bladder/prostrate issues

Hi my name is Timothy and I have some questions about my upcoming PSA .I have had a history of bladder cancer (diagnosed nov2013) I have had it four times .my PSA last year (Aug 2016) taking for the first time was a .7 my PSA took last week Aug 10 was a 1.1 and for the past three and a half months I have had lower back pain (comes and goes)and extreme neck pain all the time for last year .is there any correlation on having had bladder cancer and with the rising PSA could that be a sign of prostate cancer? urine dribbles alot..but stream isn't always weak?I get checked Wed 8-30..thanks to all who may respond

Re: Bladder/prostrate issues

I won't say not to be concerned but do not borrow trouble and worry before it is warranted. Make a list of ALL your questions and concerns before going for your check up and insist on answers YOU can understand. Medical people often operate under the pretense that "you don't need to know or that you won't understand anyway" so you may have to press for more concise answers to your questions. It is wise to observe your rising PSA but your number is really low and the rise could be a fluke, infection, mistake, variable etc. You don't have enough evidence to be a solid cause for worry at this point. You didn't state your age which is also a factor to some point. Back and neck pain can have a lot of different causes and are not uncommon maladies. I understand your fear of cancer after having had it - four times! Definitely pay attention and insist on covering all possibilities that are practical. Hope your check up will give you some answers and you get good news. Jon

Re: Bladder/prostrate issues

I think the key information is the pain comes and goes. If you had metastatic prostate cancer to the bone, the pain would just keep getting worse and worse in your legs and lower back. The neck pain must have some other cause; that is usually not a prostate cancer symptom. On the other hand, cancer does not always follow the rules.

Re: Bladder/prostrate issues

I've been through both cancers and still going strong, 10 yrs in the case of PCa and 5 yrs with BC. I don't recognise any inter-relationship such as you describe. I think you are worrying too much. Relax and act upon positive findings from your medical team, rather than imagining problems which may or may not arise.

OC in England

Re: Bladder/prostrate issues

If you care to share, please let us know how your appointment went, Timothy.

Best wishes.