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Seems many are getting this treatment, considering it for primary or secondary treatment. Like anyone would, the thought of going through this serious radiation is intimidating. Most of that intimidation is groundless. Yes, it is a serious treatment and not to be taken lightly - radiation is not good for a person for sure. However - if done for a justified reason such as cancer destruction, fear of the process is useless worry. Before radiation I thought of it as getting one's ears pierced at fifty yards with a deer rifle - in short I was also worried about the risk. It was a painless process actually. It had very little effect on me that I could tell. For me it involved dropping my drawers in the presence of several young, pretty nurses each day as they held a towel in front of me. Once one got used to that, it was no big deal and much less humiliating than some of the other treatments we go through for this disease.(I am sure they were not impressed.)After a few days there was no better choice than to make light of the situation and that made it better for everyone. I joked that the towel was of little use as the scanning for each session saw right through the towel anyway. (I was assured the scanner didn't show "soft" tissue! I commented that must be why I didn't hear any laughter coming from the scanning room.) On Halloween, one nurse wore a cow costume complete with udders and I joked that now she should know how I felt each day. They were well trained, friendly, thoughtful, and professional always. Maybe not so easily done in dealing with so many each day with a serious disease. The worst part of the process is the time it takes from each day for a few weeks. So don't fear the treatment part much at all. Just hope it does what you want it to do and does not cause any ill side effects later on. Jon.

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