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Re: Hemp Oil for PCa Treatment

Dear colleagues,
I would like to find out if anyone has been treated successfully with Hemp Oil extracts by a Doctor (Mahmood Al-Jamali) in the mid East (United Arab Emirate) for Prostate Cancer. I have read that this drug has helped those suffering from lung cancer, but that it can treat prostate cancer as well.
The cost is about $550.00, but before I commit myself, I would like to find out if anyone has been treated and responded favorably to this treatment.
Thank you in anticipation

Re: Hemp Oil for PCa Treatment

A completely unproven treatment. Beware snake oil salesmen.Save your money and trust your oncologist.

OC in England.

Re: Hemp Oil for PCa Treatment

Good advice from "old codger"! There are a lot of ideas out there for "miracle" cures for this disease but I doubt very much that any are justified other than in the minds of those who believe in them - more power to them if it works that way for them. Aside from the fact that the medical industry makes billions from this cancer, I doubt very much they would be so greedy and heartless as to ignore any type of thing that would cure this sadistic cancer. I am sure they don't enjoy maiming patients and destroying a part of the patient's life in the effort to fight this disease but it is all we have at the present. This sort of thing is always controversial and has many opinions on each side but to anyone I say - go slowly and carefully - much as you would do in buying one of the many gas saving "inventions" we have seen come about through the years. (I have tried some and none have worked by the way.) Jon R.

Re: Hemp Oil for PCa Treatment

Anyone with a PROVEN cure for cancer can collect their Nobel prize and a billion dollars. Those with "cures" that don't work, sell them on the internet to desperate people and collect a few hundred thousand dollars.

Their are hundreds of thousands of researchers at universities and government labs around the world testing everything possible (and they have already tested hemp oil) that might slow or cure cancer and they are hoping for that Nobel prize.

Re: Hemp Oil for PCa Treatment

You pals are just marvelous! You have saved my hard earned $500! No, I will not fall for it. That is why I was cautious in the first place. Thank you once again. It is very difficult to go wrong once you have such rich group of colleagues sharing the same health conditions and as consultants!

Re: Hemp Oil for PCa Treatment

very true - I tried it made my condition WORSE- have posted the PSA chart to prove