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Re: Just wondering

I am waiting to see urologist at this time and lots of things going through my head about if I am diagnosed with pc. Hopefully I don't have pc but trying to cover all bases just in case, I don't want to be bulldozed into a treatment that maybe I can live without.

1) I am trying to weigh up if quality of life is better to go with than quantity, seems that some guy's have gone through surgery and other treatments even though they had minimal symptoms and their quality of of life is not that great.

2) I am a single guy so my situation is a bit different to the majority here, but if I had to have surgery who would help me day to day post op, believe me it is a big issue (or could be).

3) I enjoy travelling and want to see many more places before I hang up the back pack, maybe I would not be able to travel to remote places in far off lands post treatment or during treatment.

So many other things to consider that I can't list here, everyone is different, everyone has different priorities.

My psa is 7.9 just a routine bloodtest bought it to light I have few symptoms apart from having to get up to pee some nights but not every night and dre detected large prostate and hard. I also have tremor predominant parkinsons which I can live with and diverticular disease which I can manage. So maybe not knowing the psa reading would have been better, who knows. As they say somtimes ignorence is bliss.

Heres hoping it is not pc. But if it is I think I have decided on watch and wait but that could change, who knows something else could get me before pc including the local bus.