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Re: Prostate Cancer

There are other options. Without more details folk on here can't advise, but I can say with certainty that you don't need to rush into drastic treatment with those numbers. Check on what men on here with similar numbers have done - in a lot of cases Active Surveillance, for example.

Good Luck

OC in England

Re: Prostate Cancer

With a Gleason score of six you should have time to review your options.
Have you considered Active Surveillance? If not, you may wish to thoroughly explore this option. As part of your research effort you may find the following book by Bob Marckini helpful: "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer..." His chapter on the advantages and disadvantages of several methods for treating PCa is usually of particular interest to the newly diagnosed. This book is readily available, an easy read and well worth its modest price. Although this book is nearly ten years old much of this information remains relevant.
In general the more research you undertake at this point (be sure to include up-to-date material) the more likely you will be to make a good decision for yourself. Your research will also enable you to ask good questions of the various clinicians you are bound to encounter as you proceed.
It may help others active on this site to know more about you including your age, what treatment you have undergone for your other cancers, how you would characterize your current health etc.
Best wishes DO

Re: Prostate Cancer

This is my third cancer, Testicular, pancreatic, now this.
5.9, gleason 6

It is either operation to remove, considering the robotic

would love feed back

Thank you for the comments, no matter who you are or your situation in life, this news punches you in the face.

I am 55yo, 185lbs decent health, spent 23 years in the Army, infantry.
Had my biopsy on May 25th, 12 samples 6 on the right side came back Pos.

I have been going to different Doctors, just went to get info on Seeds, going to Loma Linda to talk about Proton.

I got treated the last two times at the Naval Med Center in San D, CA. I am going to call and get an appt. there. The Doctor that did my Pancreatic cancer is still there, hoping he can give some un biased advice.

Re: Prostate Cancer

Since you've already had two cancers and a "pre-cancer" prostate by age 55 you should probably get your DNA done to see if you've got some genetic issues that might be helped by some of the latest drugs if you are going to get anything done on your prostate problem.

Re: Prostate Cancer

Yes, my Wife is looking into it for me.
Something goofy is going on

My concern is for my kids also