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"muscle car comparison"

Something I often do is to write things to express my feelings since I don't communicate well vocally. Here is one I think many might identify with;

The mental aspects from having a prostatectomy are a bit like having grown up with a muscle car. It is shinny and new and when you want to go fast, the four barrel kicks in and you fly! As time goes by, you both get older and rustier but the four barrel still gives you that good feeling when you kick it in. You age with the car and the four barrel gets used a lot less but is still there when you want to use it. Then one day the four barrel comes down with a serious problem and it needs to be repaired. The catch is that there are no parts available so the only choice is to eliminate the four barrel option and only run the car on the two barrel economy portion. You 'gut out" all the workings of the four barrel portion and block all the lines going to it that make it work. The car runs and all looks the same but you know, under the hood, it is not the same anymore. The option of kicking in that four barrel is not there anymore and you suddenly realize you have lost a lot more than just some mechanical function. Things will never be the same again and life goes on - but is forever changed. Hang in there guys! Jon.

Re: "muscle car comparison"

Well said, Jon!


Re: "muscle car comparison"

I can identify with that. JH Aust