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? epigastric pain

Dear Forum People, I hope I have the right area, my query is my husband had hormone treatment, radical Prostatectomy, radiation treatment ending Dec 2016 since then worsening epigastric pain, which so far cause is undiagnosed he has had colonoscopy, anti ulcer medication treatment, back to Dr this week, I am wondering if anyone else has had similaer effects either from or post radiotheraphy, thanks very much

Re: ? epigastric pain

Apologies if my reply seems a bit trivial. I've also had a radical prostatectomony followed by 37 sessions of pelvic radiotherapy and 30 months of hormone therapy. From time to time, especially after the radiotherapy I've been incapacipated by acute pelvic/ gastric pain. After researching the internet, I wondered if I was suffering from ' trapped wind ' caused by my plant based diet and treatment. Treatment for 'trapped wind' either natural such as mint or over the counter drugs such as ' wind settlers 'seemed to help. I hope this is useful.

Best wishes.


Re: ? epigastric pain

I had the same treatments and had the same symptoms as your husband over the following years. After assuming it was GERD and getting no relief from antacids over a period of a about 5 years I had one night when it felt like I had a flaming spear thrown into my chest. It turned out to be gall bladder stones that had eventually blocked my common bile duct. This blocks both the pancreas and the liver so it is life threatening in a week or so but your urine turns dark brown to black so you really know something is wrong once you finally get a complete blockage. Something to consider.

Re: ? epigastric pain

Thanks Frank

Re: ? epigastric pain

Thanks Lyn