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Re: High psa level

Is there any chance that it cpuld just be an.enlarged prostate?


You should request a 3T-MP-MRI followed by a fusion biopsy. You will get a much more accurate biopsy using the MRI images.

Not trying to disagree with his Doc but he most likely has prostate cancer.


Re: High psa level

No. An enlarged prostate might result in a PSA of 10.

You might want to get sedated for the biopsy if you are anxious about it. It can be one of the more unpleasant parts of having prostate cancer.

With a PSA of 70 you want the process to go as fast as possible until you get your first treatment and you will probably need a few more treatments over the years.

Go to a support group meeting for prostate cancer patients and you will be pleasantly surprised how healthy everyone looks and you can find out everything about the process.
One thing I found out was that some of my friends had been treated for prostate cancer and I never knew it.

Re: High psa level

Back about 8 years ago I did some work analysing some clinical studies that linked prostate size, a man's age and his PSA.

What I discovered was that for a 65 year old man without diagnosed prostate cancer, but with a prostate volume of 50 cc (50 g), the average PSA is 2.5.

Then for every 10 cc of additional prostate size, his PSA would be 0.5 higher. That means for a 65 year old man with a 100 cc prostate (all else being equal) his PSA could be expected to be 5.0 or thereabouts.

There is no way that due to prostate volume alone, could a man's PSA get up to 70. Maybe up to 7 for a huge prostate.