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prostate surgery with "Pro-prep" system

Just read an article about a system called "Pro-prep" used by some surgeons to identify nerves (location) that are virtually invisible and often damaged during prostate surgery and are nerves contributing to second phase erectile function and countenance. As I understood, these are not the same nerves commonly talked about in nerve sparing surgeries but additional nerves that also play a role in controlling these factors. Since these nerves are virtually invisible, it is hit and miss as to whether they are damaged or not during the procedure. This "Pro-prep" system/device (Please forgive me if I am not correctly spelling it) has been in use for years for other delicate surgeries and some are using it for prostatectomy procedures also. I keep reading about cases of nerve sparing that are only partially successful. Could the use of this system improve those odds? The article said these "invisible" nerves are responsible for the second phase of the erection process which might explain why so many say they are able to achieve only a percentage of their original erectile quality after nerve sparing was done. It might also be partially responsible for some who are unfortunate enough to experience incontinence after the procedure for an unknown reason. Anyone out there able to shed more light on this subject? Might be a lot of help for someone just entering this "club" and making decisions. Jon.

Re: prostate surgery with "Pro-prep" system

Hi John,
I have been researching the options for treatment of my PC and read about ProPep too. I just read your post. Has anyone replied or have you found any more information regarding its use? I asked my Dr. about it and he does not use it. I'm trying to find out if it's worth finding a surgeon that does. Any information you can share is greatly appreciated.