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"enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

My fourth try at this post - in case the other three suddenly appear, that is why.

My question is this; Has anyone else noticed they are more vulnerable to emotional reaction since prostate removal? Sad or happy occasions seem to more easily bring a lump in my throat or wet eyes than I ever experienced prior to cancer treatment. It has been suggested that it could be a side effect of the anesthetic but I am wondering if the prostate didn't also serve as a moderator in some way for male emotional control. Now that it is missing, so may be this control factor along with all the other functions it once provided. I won't say this is a bad thing but it is noticeable to me and I am curious if I am the only one it seems to have effected. Any thoughts out there? Jon R.

Re: "enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

Joe, this is a common effect with ADT. My wife thinks me a much nicer person (I suppose less masculine, more feminine) than before. Can't say I'd noticed that, but the emotional thing you report, I certainly have detected. Is this perhaps a hangover from some ADT you've had? The prostate itself isn't a testosterone producer. That's done by the testes. Presumably your testosterone levels are normal?

OC in England

Re: "enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

O. C. - I have not any ADT, just surgery and radiation, - to date. Jon.

Re: "enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

Jon R.
I suspect the emotional changes you are experiencing are directly related to your sharp reduction in testosterone production.
Don O.
P. S. The image duplication requirement is becoming more and more burdensome.
Don O.

Re: "enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

Don, I agree. The process almost always takes at least two tries even after much study. Maybe the theory is that a computer generated message doesn't have the ability to repeat the process and thus weeds out such things. My reference of four tries was due to the site malfunction experienced yesterday as noted by Mark. Don't know where my other three posts on this subject ended up in cyber space. (Note, still have my "nuggies" so testosterone is still with me - about all I have left in that department!) Jon.

Re: "enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

Nuggies RIGHT! Brain freeze. Sorry.

Re: "enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

My wife says I'm more aware of people since I
was diagnosed. Certainly I'm more empathetic
and value others in a way I didn't before. Not
A bad thing!

Re: "enhanced" emotional state after prostatectomy

Hey Jon,
I am 9 month post-op, never had any other treatments prior to robotic surgery, and have not noticed any hyper-sensitivity since.
In fact, I am a bit more impatient, ha ! But I noticed that BEFORE surgery, so chalk it up to lack of sleep, etc.
I was concerned, too, about anesthesia, but cannot identify any mental change.
If you are more sensitive, 1) it's not a bad thing, and 2) Could it be linked to some disappointments ? You could investigate that.

For me, despite all the good news, I am sad about losing function (without help), and starting to lose hope. How could that not affect mood a little from time to time ?

What ever you do, DONT WORRY, and move on, you have a lot of living to do !!