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Warning symptoms with EBRT

My name is Teresa Sewell. My husband had intermediate prostate cancer which was being treated with EBRT. He developed severe shortness of breath and extreme fatigue during weeks 4-8 of his treatment. We told the radiologist about the shortness of breath and he said it was due to the extremely hot weather we were having. He gave us the same excuse for weeks 4-8. He did not order any blood tests, scans or anything. He did not even listen to my husband's lungs with the stethoscope. He seemed to be in a rush to get to the next patient.

My husband was sent home to wait for 1 month after week 8 and told to come back on July 25, 2016 and have his blood drawn and then to return to the office on July 28, 2016 for the results of the blood work, but he did not make it back for the results because he died of cardiac arrest on July 27, 2016.

The doctor in the ER asked what happened and I told him he had recently had radiation treatments and he said he highly suspected that a DVT had set up and went to his lungs because he never had any cardiac problems whatsoever.

When my husband did not show up for his results the nurse called me and asked why and I told her he had died and it took her about 2 seconds to get the doctor on the phone. He was totally shocked that my husband had died. He was really, really surprised. Right after my husband died the office was sending me a bill for $1,200 but my attorneys have asked the office for my husband's medical records so they are aware that I have contacted an attorney and they are no longer sending me the bill for $1,200.

If anyone experiences shortness of breath, get the doctor to check for pulmonary embolism. It may save their life. I only wish I had known this earlier.

Re: Warning symptoms with EBRT

This is Teresa Sewell, in my previous post I forgot to mention that men with total hip and knee replacements should really should consider all their options for treatments because after my husband passed I began investigating all the different treatments and found out that EBRT might not be the best treatment because the beams can bounce off the metal implants and damage other organs in your body I told the oncology radiologist doctor when we were speaking I told him that my husband had 2 hip replacements and a knee replacement but he told me that they could aim the beams away from the implants and he would be just fine but we might have to exhume my husband's body if this case goes to court and I guess we will know at that time happened but my husband's primary doctor told me that my husband's death was entirely preventable he is the one who suggested that I seek legal help.