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Where am I at this stage?

This will be my very first post about my condition.

I'm a 62 year old from England and was diagnosed just over 14 months ago.

I had an initial PSA level of 348 and a Gleason score of 8. I am advised that I am T3 M1 N1. Scans revealed I a have cancer in my spine and pelvis.

My treatment has comprised of a course of Chemotherapy (Docetaxel) for 4 months combined with Prostap injections every 3 months and continuing.

I only missed 2 days of work through Chemo and had little side effects. I am a very fit individual and go the gym ever work day morning and often at night too.

I have completely changed my diet and juice carrots and greens every day. I eat only organic food where possible and have no or little dairy products.

As of today my PSA level is 0.201 and has fallen at each 3 monthly blood test.

So in relation to the experience of others, where am I in terms of progress?

I understand all of the data about life expectancy and the concept of hormone refractory. My consultant will be non committal at this stage which I also understand, other than to say I am doing well.

Re: Where am I at this stage? - by Old Codger - Mar 7, 2017 11:26am
Re: Where am I at this stage? - by Jon R. - Mar 8, 2017 7:37am