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Re: EBRT side effects

What you report suggests that the radiation is spreading to the urethra beyond the prostate. Make sure your oncologist is aware of this. You may need some fine tuning of the process, perhaps as simple as having a full bladder during the treatment or maybe a redirection calculation by the Physicists.

Good Luck.
OC in England

Re: EBRT side effects

Thanks Old Codger for the reply.

I do drink 25 ounces of water prior to treatment. Reported this to my Oncologist, and she put me on the pyridium. I had a Guided MRI just prior to my treatments, and I am thinking my prostate has not healed yet.I have talked to 2 different people doing the same radiation treatment, and they have no side effects from burning while urinating. I also had a urine test and no infection was found. It just might me they need to adjust my body to the radiation.

Re: EBRT side effects

Roger; Sorry to hear you are having some bothersome side effects from the radiation. I am not going to be much help here as I had very minor effects from it. I was almost a year past surgery so that may be why. One's urethra goes through a lot of trauma from this cancer treatment process. As you said, it may not be properly healed yet and still vulnerable. It has been through a lot that it was not designed to endure! I have noted that even the supposedly simple process of catheterization is quite often traumatic because the folks doing it don't take the process seriously. They feel they are professional now and they don't need to take all the precautions and proper steps they were taught in medical school - and besides, their victims are usually asleep when they do it and feel no pain or damage - until later. More than likely your newly healed urethra is getting a bad case of "sunburn" from the radiation. Jon.