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HPV immunization shots

Saw an report on these HPV shots commonly recommended for teens to prevent sexually transmitted disease. It suggested that it helped in preventing cervical and penile cancers. Didn't say anything about prostate cancer however. Anyone heard any input on this? Would be nice to know there might be a way to prevent our male children from going through prostate cancer in their later years. Jon.

Re: HPV immunization shots

Sorry to have to reply to my own post but I am still wondering about this subject and have found no specific input of info about it. What I have found is that this HPV (virus) is said to cause cancers. Prostate cancer has not been mentioned in any of my research but I certainly would not rule it out because of that omission. I have read the virus gives no symptoms in men so many may be infected without knowing it. It can take two years for the body to rid itself of the virus if not re-infected. That gives the virus a long time to do its dirty work on our cells. It just seems possible to me that if it settles in our prostate, it could be a smoking gun as the cause of prostate cancer in later years. I see stories of cancer on this site where the victim has had a previous battle with prostate infections before finally being diagnosed with cancer of the same. Infections or cancer give the same raised PSA readings it appears. It appears that this vaccine is only effective if given in early teen years for the prevention of this infection that is sexually transmitted. (I don't know if it gives life long protection.) I can't help but think that it may be one way to save at least some of the future generation from contracting this sadistic cancer later in life. I know very little about this vaccine but it certainly seems well worth the effort if it can (possibly?) save someone from going through the agony caused by contracting this cancer. Jon.

Re: HPV immunization shots

Thanks Jon R. For this post. Keep us informed if you find anything else.

Steve M