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ADT and Exercise

Just thought I would chuck my 2 cents worth in regarding the benefits of a comprehensive exercise/resistance training program while undergoing ADT.

In the lead up to my Radiation therapy, I was working out 4 to 6 times a week. I had to stop while undergoing radiation therapy on doctors orders, orders that I wish I had disregarded. I gained about 12 kg of weight in about 8 weeks, and lost a great deal of conditioning, which I am now struggling to get back.

The benefits of exercise are wonderful, and what they do to mitigate the side effects of ADT means that it makes aspects of my life not just bearable again, but actually enjoyable! There are also the social aspects of getting out and doing stuff with other people, plus it also means that the occasional beer or indulgence at the dessert bar can be enjoyed.

I now have a very comprehensive gym set up in the garage at home, and with advice from a personal trainer, I am back in to it again.

It's nice to actually work up a sweat, rather than endure one after yet another hot flash!

Re: ADT and Exercise

Bart, I'm delighted that what you do works for you but I wouldn't suggest such intensive exercise for all others. There's ample evidence backing the guidance that whatever in dietary terms and exercise is good for your heart is also beneficial for combating PCa and the treatments we undergo. Of course age comes into this, too. The older we are, the more concerned we become about overtaxing our hearts. I always recommend the gentle exercise that dog walking two or three times a day gives as being good for old dogs like me (73) as well as my 18 month old Pointer. Equipping yourself with a lively dog is also a bit cheaper than building a high tech gym!!

Best wishes

OC in England