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my brothers warning

2010 I was found to have prostate cancer gleason 9, treatment was hormone therapy for 15 months and bracytherapy, I am in the clear.
I warned my 2 brothers to have a check up, one did not bother, he is now in a hospital bed weighing just 40kgs and has prostate cancer that has spread to his spine, pelvis and ribs with significant tumours.
Maybe 6 years ago this outcome may have been avoided.


Re: my brothers warning

Warwick Ford; Sorry to hear about your brother! It does happen. Good that you posted, as it will also give others a heads up as to how serious this can be if ignored or not caught in time. Nobody wants to treat this disease and have to endure the results of treatment but this illustrates the results of not doing so. Life is precious no matter how inconvenient the results of trying to extend it. I know of one who chose to live a "quality" life over a life after treatment. The end was not pretty for him nor was it quick or easy - and his loved ones suffered right along with him. Till progress is made, this is all we victims have for choices at this time. Best to all! Jon.

Re: my brothers warning

Warwick, Sound advice and so good to know that you are making such good progress. Hope it stays that way! An update to your story - not done in over two years would help us all.

Some may have supposed your earlier progress had been upruptly halted!!

Best Wishes

OC in England