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Re: Dry orgasm

Joe, I know exactly how you feel about "being railroaded" into treatment but as always with this disease, there is a catch. You should remember that the best way to beat this disease is to catch it early on. With only three percent involved, that may be exactly what you have accomplished. It is the law of diminishing returns - if that makes any sense. Waiting till it is seventy percent, drastically increases the chance that you won't be able to get rid of it. Even though you may enjoy more years of normal life, you might then be at risk for a shorter, troubled life. Pay me now or pay me later comes to mind. The unpredictability of this disease makes any decision open to afterthoughts and questionable outcome. Don't beat your self up over it. (I put off treatment for just one year and I now know that was very unwise and regret not doing something right away. That is the other side of the coin as you are looking at.) At least you know you acted on the best of the bad choices you had right away and have the assurance you did your best to obtain the most positive result. I know this all sucks but you have to live on the positive side, difficult as that is at times. Jon.

Re: Dry orgasm

In general I dry orgasm refers to the absence of semen following whatever climax occurs.
Jon has effectively addressed many if not all of your other concerns.
Best wishes Don O.