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HI All,
In the US in Pennsylvania –
About 3/4 way through my IMRT treatments (45 sessions), I noticed that I wasn't ejaculating any fluid when having an organism. Had a vasectomy many years ago. Also had a mesh inserted several years ago for a belly-button hernia though I can’t see how that would affect anything.
So a little more background – when I had the “golden rods” inserted into my prostate – that night I had a “wet-dream” for the first time in decades and of course it was all bloody.
Anyway when I mentioned it to the radiologist during one of my visits to him during the treatments, he said that it shouldn’t be due to the treatments as they were just targeting my prostate and not the surrounding tissues. Seems like a pretty weird co-incidence to me.
One more thing – he said I can’t test my PSA level for 4-6 months until things settle down – is that normal?

Anyway – any thoughts much appreciated.


Re: ejaculation

A layman's opinion:
Generally speaking, dry orgasms are the norm after most any type of curative radiation for PCA.
Regards Don O.

Re: ejaculation

I theorize that it was the placing of the gold markers that caused your wet dream. Medical folks don't like to admit anything usually so no wonder they wouldn't comment directly. Not surprised. The bleeding caused by the placement probably congested your prostate to the point where it had to empty itself. Just another example of how poking things into your prostate is downplayed by the medical industry. I agree with Don, in that almost any "curative" treatment aimed at killing cancer is also going to damage the "workings" of one's prostate to the point where it won't function anymore.

Unlike surgery, radiation takes a while to knock down the PSA and then you wait for it to level off finally to where ever it is going to hopefully stay. Since it doesn't eliminate all prostate tissue, there most likely will always be some sort of PSA reading. Jon.

Re: ejaculation

thanks for the response