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PSA Doubling

I am new to this forum and submit the followings: 64 year old Caucasian in good health. First PSA ever on Sep 2016 with PSA of 5.2; retested Oct 2016 with score of 5.6; retested Nov 2016 with PSA of 9.2. Have been referred to a Urologist. Am very concerned about the velosity. Anyone experience similar conditions?

Re: PSA Doubling

My layman's perspective based on 8+ years of PCa warrior experience is as follows:
Assuming your PSAs were taken at the same lab, the lab did everything right and you did nothing wrong (i. e., engage in any sex play 24+ hours prior to the blood draw, etc.) you have every right to be concerned.
All the experts I have heard over the years talk in terms of a particularly worrisome doubling time being within a one year period.
I will offer one other comment: the pattern you describe appears most unusual.
In any event "Best Wishes" and please keep us posted.
Don O.

Re: PSA Doubling

Don is correct, you have every right to be concerned. This fast pace of your PSA advance is unusual. Hope for the least serious explanation but be prepared for the worst. It is possible it is an infection. We all hope for that but since those lucky ones that do have an infection do not end up posting on this cancer site, we don't hear of many that have that hope materialize. Hope your appointment is soon and there is good news for you. Good idea to have the wife along to catch things you may not hear. Maybe I shouldn't say, as I am certainly not qualified, but if it is cancer, it would seem that you have caught it early on as fast as it is moving and not any higher than it is. Don't panic but also don't procrastinate. Best wishes bud! Jon.

Re: PSA Doubling

Hi -

My PSA was high 5's, low 6's (had biopsy - didn't find any cancer) - monitored for next 5 years where PSA was rising very slowly, then had to go to different urologist (other one moved from area) Anyway new lab came back 10.4 - (had another biopsy - found very slow growing cancer in 2 out of 12 cores) Then I went to a radiologist and asked for another PSA test - this one came back8.4 - still too high but just saying 2 point difference.