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MRI-guided prostate biopsy

I have been on active surveillance since my diagnose of PCa back in march of this year. I had my PSA tested, and went for a evaluation on 12- 1 - 2016.

My PSA was 5.83 when I was diagnosed. I also had a TRUS biopsy, my Gleason score was 4+3=7 with two positive cores. My Biopsy remains were sent to Prolaris for genetic testing and the results were less aggressive PCa. This is why I chose AS.

At My evaluation my PCA went to 6.87. My Urologist suggested that another PSA test in 3 months, I declined the suggestion. I informed him that with the rise in my PSA, I was not happy with the elevated PSA that occurred in just 7 months, and after prolaris (genetic test) showed less aggressive cancer. And I had a 7 Gleason, I did not want to Go the active surveillance until I had more info about my PCa.

I then decided to have a MRI-guided prostate biopsy, which will occur at end of this month. I would appreciate any info on the MRI-guided prostate biopsy, and any thoughts on my decisions at the evaluation.

I am considered a healthy 76 year old.

Re: MRI-guided prostate biopsy


From your postings on this site it is apparent you have done your homework. I suspect you have researched various treatment options.

As a part of your (ongoing) research effort you may find the following book by Bob Marckini helpful: "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer..." His chapter on the advantages and disadvantages of several methods for treating PCa is usually of particular interest to the newly diagnosed. This book is readily available, an easy read and well worth its modest price. Although this book is nearly ten years old much of this information remains relevant.

In general the more research you undertake at this point (be sure to include up-to-date material) the more likely you will be to make a good decision for yourself. Your research will also enable you to ask good questions of the various clinicians you are bound to encounter as you proceed.

Re: MRI-guided prostate biopsy

Thank Don, I will take a look at the book. I appreciate your comments!