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gleason 10 treatment options

I had surgery on 04/11/2016 and catheter removed on 14/11/2016 and the same day I had my pathology report which shows gleason 5+5 and positive margins, 1 in 21 lymph nodes positive and seminal vessels positive. And final grade pt3b n1 mx.

My current surgeon team which includes surgeons, onclogists and radio oncos suggest that wait for 4 weeks for 1st psa and then 8 weeks for the next and then to decide based on the psa values. However they did mention radiation is must all they are trying to figure out is when.

I’ve been for 2nd and 3rd opinions with medical and radiation oncologist and both agreed that radiation should start straight away after 6 weeks based on high gleason.

Now I’ve decision to make as my current team knows what they are dealing with they are experienced as well, however my opinions suggest to take next course of action and leave my old team.
I am not ready for the radiation yet and need another 4 weeks before I can think of any further treatment as this will give me time to recover. One of my friends also told me to try RSO – CBD oil. Any opinions???? should I give a go? any benefits.

I would like your opinion based on your experience as you all are being so helpful.


Nov 2015 – Urination issue prescribed urimax for next few months
Jan2016 – Postarate size 28gm
Jul2016 – After taking urimax urination still persist
Jul-2016 – PSA 6.9 doc advised to wait for 8 weeks and retest
Aug-2016 PSA 12.44
--MRI DCE No enhancement ‘heterogeneous signal in peripheral zone’(report attached)
Sep2016 – trus biopsy 12 cores (I’ve attached the report copy as well) 30% area.
Gleason score 5+4.
Sep-2016 Bone scan – As per the radiologist scan is negative
Sep-2016 FDG PET CT Scan negative.
Da-vinci date – 04-Nov-2016
Catheter out – 14-nov-2016
Final Pathology – pt3b n1 mx.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waiting to decide whats next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: gleason 10 treatment options

I'll repeat again: Anyone that has found a cure for cancer will be a billionaire and have a Nobel prize. If they don't have those then they don't have cure for cancer. RSO – CBD oil may do no harm but probably won't help.

You probably have figured out that you are in a very serious situation. Radiation and hormone treatment are the usual next treatments. I been through it and it is not that bad. In addition you should probably get chemo treatment at the same time. Make sure to keep your fitness level good and your weight at the upper end of normal. The secret to staying alive in your situation is to make sure you are fit enough to get the next drug when the last one fails.

One very positive development in your favour is that now they can do a blood test and read the genetic code of your cancer and try to find a drug match to stop it, which is new just this year.

Re: gleason 10 treatment options

Thanks for your reply.

I understand that RSO or any other sideline treatments claims to cure cancer however there is no study to support the claim. But radiation and chemeo doesnt care either they might put you in remission for some time. Good thing about prostrate ca is that there is harmonal therapy which can hold this ca for ages.

I am waiting for my first psa after 6 weeks and based on that will decide

1. if psa > .02 then go for harmonal injection to give more recovery time.
and after 6-8 weeks start radiation

2. If psa is < .02 then no treatment and will do another psa in 8 weeks and then as planned radiation and harmonal due to the gleason score and path. reports.

I am just trying to get some more time to recover as I dont feel like I am ready for the next treatment yet.