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Thanks for this helpful site!

I just want to express my thanks to all who maintain and contribute to this cancer site! It is helpful in so many ways to so many of us. It may not be able to change anything we are going through but can be a big help in coping with the many issues this cancer and its treatment causes us. There are issues in this arena that we certainly never thought of or were warned about beforehand. Many are deeply personal issues that we may be ashamed of expressing and yet they are serious issues that we have to deal with every day. Being able to directly contact someone who understands and perhaps has the same issues is often helpful. There is very little help for these things from any other source. Alone in our "suffering" we are prone to believe we are alone and somehow at fault or weird by having these issues bother us so badly. It is at least helpful to know that we are not the only one struggling with an issue and that maybe it IS a normal thing to be feeling so. Sometimes it just takes a little guts to bring it out in the open. This cancer and especially the results of treatment and the effect it has on cancer victims both physically and emotionally is not a wide open subject. There is very little emotional help anywhere else for feelings we are not prepared to handle and are not comfortable revealing. I have found there are people here who do understand and will listen. It is not a cure but at least a way to express and sort out one's feelings that may be too personal for anyone else's ears. I have had some very positive results from contacting addresses given on this site. I was skeptical at first about addresses being made available but it is a good idea and helpful. Thanks again to all! Jon.

Re: Thanks for this helpful site!

I'm in agreement with everything Jon R said.