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Fast rising PSA during ADT break

Hey fellas,

Was on ADT (Lucrin) 8 months for metastatic PCa. PSA went from 15 to 0.18. Then went intermittant in June. It then went to 0.30 in August, and now 3 months later it has jumped to 5.44. ( a week before it was 7.32 and I wanted a re-test,and it came back at the lower reading!!)
I'm trying not to panic,but it's hard not to because in my mind it has become aggressive, and the prognosis in June 2014 was a life expectancy of maybe 10 years. That does not seem to be the case right now.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there any studies relating to fast rising PSA during ADT "holidays."


Re: Fast rising PSA during ADT break

Why on earth take an ADT holiday when you have advanced PCa? Highly dangerous, I suggest.

OC in England

Re: Fast rising PSA during ADT break

Hi OC,

Thanks for your reply.

It was the decision of my Oncologist for me to go IADT.

He believes it lengthens the time until I become castrate resistant.

I have an appointment to see him soon. I'll tell him I want to go back on treatment.


Re: Fast rising PSA during ADT break

Thought I'd share some information about this in case it's informative for someone else going through Intermittant ADT.

After much research I have found it well documented that when ADT is stopped,( in a lot of cases with younger men),testosterone levels rise quickly causing an initial rapid rise in PSA,which will slow down as the hormonal environment stabilizes. My current testosterone level is 12 nmol/l (normal range 22-27 nmol/l) which is just short of what it was the last time i had it checked ( in 2010 at 51years of age.)

Also IADT is used by a lot of Drs in advanced Pca cases. It is up to the discretion of the treating Dr, based on the merits of each individual case,and the quality of life of each individual patient from ADT side effects. After 40-50 severe hot flushes a day and going months without more than 1-2 hours sleep each night,not to mention being taken to the ED of the local hospital with a suspected blood clot in the lung,when I was offered a break from treatment, I consented.

I trust this answers your question, OC from England.


Re: Fast rising PSA during ADT break

That I understand!