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Re: Newly Diagnosed - Need Advice

I'll just repeat my post of Sept. 26th:

The standard protocol for his case will be hormone treatment but a prostate cancer center might also try docetaxel. The response to hormone treatment is a good indicator as to how long he will live. If the PSA goes down below 1.0 and stays down for a year or so then he probably won't die from prostate cancer. This is assuming a few more good drugs and treatments come out over the next 5 years as have over the last five years.

It is important for him to be very fit, keep his weight at the high end of normal, eat a heart healthy diet and join a support group.

You should see a great improvement in his health on the hormone treatment drugs he has just been given. The doctors don't know how he will respond to the hormones, some patients respond very well and stay well for quite a few years, and others not so well.

After the hormone treatment drugs there are other new treatments that are available so he shouldn't assume that he will die of prostate cancer yet.